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Hi, I'm Rob.

Some of you will know me from the DrawBridge and FloppyBridge projects (real disks working in emulated Amigas!)

After visiting a few retro related places I realised my only source for finding these places were podcasts and lucky google finds, so I decided it was time these were all brought together.

On the 1st June 2022, I purchased this website domain ( for this very purpose. I wanted to build a directory to help get all these amazing places get discovered, and more importantly, I wanted it to be free.

A lot of these places are ran as charity or non-profit, so no one has a lot of money spare these days for silly listings. It`s also built to be fairly basic & low bandwidth with as little clutter as possible. I hope you approve.

So, here we are. I will of course accept donations to help with the cost of running. You can also sponsor the site. Lastly, you can also advertise on this site. This will keep the listings free!

So please, go out there, and find some great places and websites to visit, and keep the retro community alive...