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RetCon 2024
 RetCon 2024  RetCon 2024
Welcome from all at RetCon HQ, we’re now in 2024, year of the sixth RetCon event!

Yes, give yourself a pat on the back because if you’re reading this, you survived 2023. In fact, anyone old enough to read this has survived loads in just a handful of years. We at RetCon are here to tell you that your struggle was worth it. You’ve clawed your way to 2024 and if you can hang in there until Saturday 15th June, you will be well rewarded.

Also if you are old enough to read this, you’re ready to ask some important questions, like: Will it play Doom, what’s the top score I can achieve in Duck Hunt, was Omnibot really that big, was Rise Of The Robots really that bad, will it play Doom, how good was the very first Metal Gear, what is the most amount of fun that can be had in just one day, and of course - Will it play Doom?

With fully functional games consoles and classic computers from the last five decades, loaded with literally tens of thousands of the world’s most fun games there for you to play. The latest re-releases of classic mini gaming consoles, brought right up to date with scaled up graphics… from beautifully scaled down machines.

Your ticket grants you:
Open access to the event for the day, throughout which there will be live talks from industry giants, innovators, legendary programmers, movie makers and online content creators, such as:
Ex-Commodore UK Managing Director – David Pleasance
Founder and head of A-EON Computers – Trevor Dickinson
Creator of Checkmate – Stephen Jones
Mike’s Vintage Tech – Mike Nurney
Head Over Heels & Operation Wolf Programmer – Colin Porch
Founder of Addictive Games & Football Manager creator – Kevin Toms
Filmmaker – Steven Fletcher
Coders and creators of Dizzy – The Oliver Twins

And more….

The entire RetCon team will be on hand to guide you to the game or system you want to play most, to offer their knowledge and experience, and answer your retro related questions.

It’s you who make vintage computing (and gaming!) into the amazing community it is, so come along Saturday
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by Greenford Computer Club
When:15th Jun 2024
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Greenford Community Centre
170 Oldfield Lane South
United Kingdom