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 Billy's Midway  Billy's Midway
Welcome to Billy's Midway! Our arcade is entirely time based. There are no pesky quarters or tokens required, because none of our games are pay-per-play. The entire arcade is set to free-play, so you and your family can enjoy as many games as you would like while only paying for the time you are here. By request, we have added a prize crane that is set to "play until you win" and a gumball machine style pinball game that dispenses rubber balls; both of these are pay-to-play but you are guaranteed to win something with each play. The prize crane is currently set at $2 per play and is loaded with name brand diecast cars (Usually Matchbox and Hot Wheels) as well as an assortment of stuffed toys and figures. The pinball game is 25 cents and will dispense 1 ball after you play with it but you can win a second ball by hitting the marked target.

Billy's Midway opened on Memorial Day Weekend in 2018 and has been so fortunate to receive such great enthusiasm and support from the community who has made this all possible. But none of this would have even been a dream or possibility without our founders, Billy and Allyson Smith.
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Billy's Midway Arcade
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312 Lafayette Ave., Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506
United States of America (the)
Opening Hours:Monday: Noon - 10 pm
Tuesday: Noon - 10 pm
Wednesday: Noon - 10 pm
Thursday: Noon - 10 pm
Friday: Noon - 11 pm
Saturday: Noon - 11 pm
Sunday: Noon - 10 pm