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Belgian Amiga Club
 Belgian Amiga Club  Belgian Amiga Club
The Belgian Amiga Club is a group for people interested in the Commodore Amiga, a family of personal computers introduced by Commodore in 1985.

The Belgian Amiga Club was founded in 2003 by Simon Vergauwen and Dirk Baeyens, with the goal to bring together what was left of the Amiga enthusiasts out there, after the bankruptcy of Commodore and the various failed takeovers that followed, which ultimately resulted in the disappearance of all active Amiga user groups in Belgium.

The main motive to start a new group was the conviction that in 2003, with various projects going on, like the new forthcoming AmigaOS4 for PPC, the Amigascene was in a revival mood and so this felt like the right moment to restart an active Belgian Amiga user group.
The goal was to meet up regularly with tens of people to hold interactive and informational meetings.
Thanks to our (now defunct) forum, the minimum viable number of participants was quickly reached.
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