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The Floppy Doc
 The Floppy Doc  The Floppy Doc
When people stored their floppy disks, 25 or more years ago, they did not take into consideration what the yearly temperature fluctuations would do to their beloved stored data & games.
Most of them were stored in attics or cellars and many have mould across the media inside.

Many people do not know this has happened, or know what to do.
Some put the disk in the drive & let it make whining noises while it contaminates the read/write heads in the disk drive (and scratch the media in the process; it will also harm the next few disks you insert!).
Some will seek somebody like me who has encountered similar problems & have worked on a near perfect way of recovery.
Your disks need a constant and DRY room temperature.

With the careful use of tools, fluids & repair materials; I will show you how you can help yourself and hopefully get those disks and/or drive running another 25 or more years!

Thank you all for your support & time,
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The Floppy Doc
Diagnostics & repair of floppy disk drives.
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