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The Checkpoint Arcade Bar
 The Checkpoint Arcade Bar  The Checkpoint Arcade Bar
Welcome, Adventurer. You’ve reached the Checkpoint! A geek and nostalgia-themed arcade bar located in the land of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Checkpoint Arcade Bar will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin to offer the growing geek community a convenient, one-stop-shop for drinking, socializing, gaming, special events, entertainment, costuming, and an all-around immersive experience using life-sized props and sets related to science fiction and pop-culture entertainment. Star Wars Cantina booth? Life-size Tardis? Lord of the Rings-style terrace? Yes! We will build as much as possible with limits only by our collective imagination.

We look forward to introducing our unique brand of fun to Kenosha and bringing the geek community together one quarter at a time.
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5301 22nd Ave, Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States of America (the)
Opening Hours:Temporarily closed for renovation.