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Pixeled Brewing Co
 Pixeled Brewing Co  Pixeled Brewing Co
Pixeled started as a dream of two local dudes who wanted to drink some beer and play some games. As life started to get busier and TPS Report cover sheets became more complicated, we started to focus on making our dream a reality. After years of collecting retro arcades and brewing countless beers, we are proud to bring the Fargo-Moorhead area its first Arcade & Brewery. We fear no beer. That is our philosophy. We will try anything at least once in an effort to find something new. We won’t be limited by arbitrary corporate guidelines. We will brew what our customers enjoy while continuing to make new and interesting beers. We’ve recently expanded our beer license to include beers you know and love so we can be sure to have something for everyone. Not seeing your favorite on our list? Let us know!

The Arcade is a point of nostalgia for us. We know how exciting it is to get to an arcade and walk in to the loving glow of CRT’s and hear the retro audio. How exciting it is to reach down into a pocket full of tokens with the anticipation of a new high score heavy in the back of our minds. We also know the crushing depression of walking up to the TMNT cabinet and seeing the cold white sheet of paper with the dejecting “OUT OF ORDER” stuck to it. We have poured love into the machines we are making available and have a full-time tech with 35 years of experience on hand to minimize seeing Track and Field with the white note of death.

We look forward to sharing our love of beer and games with you. This is our dream. One of those dreams whispered about late at night. Two grown kids trying to find a piece of their youth in the spin of adult reality. We cannot fully explain in a website our excitement to be able to share our passions with the beer-snobs, the social-drinkers, the self-proclaimed Tecmo Super Bowl world champion, and those who remember never having enough money for the arcade. Plus everyone in between! See you soon at Pixeled, Cheers!
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(701) 532-0915
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1100 NP AVE N #101
Fargo, ND
United States of America (the)
Opening Hours:Monday: 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday: 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday: 5pm - 10pm
Thursday: 5pm-10pm
Friday: 5pm - 12am
Saturday: 3pm - 12am
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm