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 Amiga Germany  Amiga Germany
the AmigaXX in Neuss has established itself as the Amiga event in a very short time!

While in 2015 the round birthday of Commodore's successful computer was still in the foreground, the number behind the Amiga name has now become secondary. The entire Amiga and retro community has embraced the project so well that they have embraced the event and are responsible for its success.

Due to the long break in terms of meetings, exchanges and other events, the announcement of the Amiga37 alone caused great interest in a short time – it did not take long for the date to be entered in the notebooks of numerous Amiga fans and that, although not a single guest or exhibitor has been announced yet.

This confirms that in 2015 we launched an event that brings together people with common interests and is simply fun – and justifies the effort!

Many people who have attended at least one of the previous events are happy to come back, just as many who have not yet had the opportunity to visit are looking forward to the first participation!
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