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Dutch Pinball Museum
 Dutch Pinball Museum  Dutch Pinball Museum
A museum in which you are allowed to use a lot of the items? Apart from the many thing to look at, you can relive your childhood memories or create new ones. Everyone will find something from their childhood with more than 100 playable pinball machines from the year 1853 to the newest titles.

Our pinball machines are continuously added and removed from the museum. They sometimes break down, get pulled out of the museum for major maintenance or are rented out. After all, an American saying goes: “If it ain’t broken, it ain’t pinball”.

We have about 100 playable pinball machines set up and many more pinball machines which are worth taking a look at. So if the pinball machine you’re visiting the museum for is not available on the day of your visit, there are enough other machines left to still have a memorable day!
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Voorhaven 12
3024 RM
Netherlands (the)
Opening Hours:Wednesday: 12:00 pm – 17:00 pm
Saturday: 11:50 am – 18:10 pm
Sunday: 11:50 am – 18:10 pm